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Every day we decide how to be healthy in our bodies and be healthy in our minds. We know there’s a connection, but what does the science say?
We often get sidetracked when our minds are churning with our daily to-do lists, our goals, the setbacks and challenges, as well as the successes and the responsibility that goes along with all of that! That’s a lot to carry and our bodies absorb what our mind churns in and out … all day long.
How do we cleanse our mind and stay positive every day?
It is about the mind and body connection. Our bodies get messages every day, not only by what we feed it through our mouths, but our brains as well. So let’s find ways to feed our bodies with positive and fulfilling perspectives!
​Tune in and discover evidenced-based knowledge about how our mindset can help or hurt our bodies and behaviors.
I will use my insights and observations from nearly 25 years of working with clients in both fitness and behavioral health. Along with my education, I will share experiences about how I worked on myself through personal tragedies and traumas. We can break down barriers and boundaries by challenging ourselves to see beyond the moment and feed ourselves with healthy thoughts.  
Tune in and discover how to get everything you want out of life through healthy perspectives and insightful facts.  
I poke around and ask the hard questions to figure out what's actually happening inside and out … what's making me tick and ticking me off. I have studied the books from my "library" and I believe a positive belief system and laughter is the best medicine. 
I also believe everyone has a powerful story to share. I will host guests that speak about all areas of life and what it takes to love life.
Tune in and connect with others to enter into a realm of self-discovery.
I want to open up opportunities for my listeners, offer new thought processes and suggest behavioral changes that will improve your life! A better version of you where you will feel empowered and discover ways to love life – inside out.
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© 2020 Love Love Inside  Out 

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